Wednesday, January 2, 2013

3rd Grade

Classic - i think we all have a few school pictures that look just like this! :)

3rd Grade memories:

* my 2 best friends Logan & Matthew were in my class this year - logan is cool and we both really like wall ball & so does Matthew - & Matthew likes ninjago Legos just like me too

* I had a nice reading teacher this year named Miss Botz - I liked that every time we turned in our homework early she'd give us a Jolly Rancher

* Miss Sims was my teacher this year & she was a nice teacher

2nd Grade

2nd Grade Memories:

* i liked getting to have lunchables sometimes for lunch this year

* i made friends with Logan really quick - he likes peanut butter with celery  & let me try it & i really liked it.

* Mrs. Greene was really nice -- i'm glad i got to have her as a teacher before she had to retire

1st Grade

Memories --

* i loved being able to go on the top reading tower in class -- Mrs. Venema had kind of like a bunk bed that she turned into a reading tower - it was pretty cool.

* I really liked her dinosaurs and also buidling towers for the dinos to destroy

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

We sure will miss Mrs. Barzee next year!
And all thee fun friends Brayden had in his class this year.
Brayden Was absent in this picture -- ( he was at disneyland )

Brayden gave this to Mrs' Barzee on his last day of school.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Last Day of kindergarten...

Field Day!!!
Madison - Brayden - Addison

Cassie - Benson - Grace

Squirt Gun Duck Duck Goose!

Water Balloon Toss
Carson - Cole

Saying good bye to 
Lyman Elementary School!
Madison - Brian


Johnny - Brayden

Brayden's Favorite part 
of the play ground...

Haappy Mother's Day!

Hoppy Easter


It Isn't Showing -- But I'm Growing...

When I Grow Up....

I want to be a ....

It is funny -- you put this -- You usually say you are going to be the Nurse at Kylie's Doctor's Office --

& Most recently - that you were going to be a Chiropractor.
Apparently anything in the medical side of things will work for you.

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